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Teams store a lot of sensitive, private or just plain quirky data in Todoist. Keep it all safe by enabling the various security options that are available to team admins:

Quick tip

Want to learn more about general security? Check out Todoist security, privacy, and compliance information.

About team domains

The team domain option allows an admin to link their team to their corporate email domain.

Let’s say the admin's email is Their associated team domain would be Turning this option on is a prerequisite to use the Team Discovery option.

The team domain option is only permitted for unique corporate email domains, and not for generic email domains like,,, etc. If you signed up with a generic email and would like to change it to your corporate email, follow these steps.

About Team Discovery


When an admin turns on Team Discovery, any person that shares the same email domain can find and automatically join the associated team.

This eliminates the need for admins to individually add each new member, saving time and reducing the administrative burden associated with growing teams.

Continuing the example from above, anyone with the email address ending in can automatically join Alex the admin’s team and gain access to Alex’s team workspace.

Prohibit external guests

When an admin turns on the Prohibit external guests option, guests aren’t permitted to join the team.

This control is crucial for preserving the privacy of sensitive discussions, protecting intellectual property, and upholding compliance with data protection regulations that might be applicable to the company associated with the team.


  • The team admin’s email address must be verified in order to enable Team Discovery. Verify your email.
  • If the domain is already associated with an existing team or workspace, Team Discovery won’t be available. A workaround would be to reach out to the existing team’s administrator about the possibility of transforming it into a company-wide team. Then, each department can use folders to manage their projects.
  • If an admin changes their email associated with their Todoist account, the Team Discovery feature will continue to be enabled with the admin’s previous email domain.

    If changes their account email to, Team Discovery will still be available to Alex’s teammates with the email domain.

Get help

If you're having trouble setting up your Todoist team domain, or using Team Discovery, get in touch with us.